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11 Coniston Ln, Malvern, Queensburgh, 4093

Caring for Children since 1961 and counting.

3 meals a day

Our kids are like any others, all needing 3 meals prepared with love per day.


Developing young minds is both a challenge and a privilege. 

Emotional Well Being

Many of our kids have had a tough start on life, were here to provide the stability often lacking.

Social Integration

We want our kids to be socially together and able to function in Society in a positive way.


It takes a village to
raise a household of over
70 children!


We can only do what we do because of people like YOU!

Malvern Children’s Home receive a very large part of its funding through the kindness and generosity of every day people and extraordinary companies who put their money where their hearts are!

We Help around the world

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It is our mission to care for our children in a safe environment so that they can reach their full potential and live as well-adjusted adults in society to the honour of God.


It is our vision to give our children a home for today and a future for tomorrow.


The Malvern Child and youth care centre is a place of safety and for many of the children the real home that they will ever know. Our goal is to try to find homes for these children, whether it be through adoption, foster care or reintegrating them back into their families. Together these children (between 2 and 18 years) represent all races, culture and language.

We embrace the ethos that this children’s home is all about Christ and that we need to handle everybody as Christians should, and we believe it is all about children and what is best for them.

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Why We Need You

Donate food and other goods

Donations of food and other items helps us spend less on these items, and helps us stretch the limited resources of the home!

Donation of services

From time to time we need the professional services of skilled individuals, so if you're a tiler, a painter, an accountant or a baker, the donation of your time is always appreciated.

Monthly financial support

It takes a lot of money to keep this ship sailing! Often, regular monthly financial contributions are the most helpful and practical as we are able to take care of the hefty bills that often arrive on our desks.


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